Hello and welcome to MIP.fr!

Graphic designer for 15 years to promote brands (Nivea, Hansaplast, Herta, Guerlain, Heinekein, Renault, SFR, …), I switch my photographic activity in the foreground from 2008.

I was born in Paris in one of the most romantic neighborhoods: Montmartre. All young Parisian couples have walked in Montmartre because it is a place full of quiet, narrow streets but also one of the most beautiful panoramic view of Paris. This is definitely history, past and present, of this district which led me to work on romance.

I propose three types of photographic performance around the French romanticism.
Romantic: we plan between 3 hours and a large photographic day in romantic meanders of the capital.
Portrait: for a session between at least 2 hours in the studio to a big day, I offer portraits with more lights and mastered their circulation in limited series.